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An air control simulator that people seem to call the worst game ever, not much to say about it.


the game has 4 modes:


You start off driving a plane into a green square, and then, after a loading sceen, it goes through a transition showing the inside of the plane, and after another loading screen, then you'll be launched into a part where you walk around the plane, and you can also jump by pressing the spacebar, and you can explore the front and back parts of the passinger seat places on the plane.

Casual Mode Part 1Edit

it starts off with an opening sequence with Vikings around a fire, after clicking "next", then you get taken into the gameplay, which is similar to the 2nd part of Realistic modes gameplay with some differences, the colours on the inside of the plane is different, there's music rather than just the sound of the plane, and you can sprint by holding the left shift key, there's a lock cursor function not present in realistic mode, and an out of place ammo and cilp counter on the bottom right, and jumping isn't present unlike realistic mode, instead, it makes the player "twitch" to the left or right.

Casual Mode Part 2Edit

The gameplay is very identical to flappy bird, where you "jump" through stuff, and when you fall or hit anything, you have to start all over again.

Killjoy modeEdit

The gameplay is similar to the 1st part of Realistic mode, but instead of riding into a green square, the player trys to get as high as they can.

Criticism Edit

The game has often been critisized for crashing often, using stolen assets from Unity, and copyright infringement.

Censoring people's comments Edit

The developers of Air Control (Killjoy games team) have been criticized for censoring negative comments about the game.