"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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A Battlefield game that is the successor to Battlefield 3. not much has changed from Battlefield 3.

The Cover for Battlefield 4

Gameplay Edit

The game plays similar to Battlefield 3, there's the single player (called "campaign mode") and the Multiplayer mode, however, the game does have a new feature, "unlockable weapons", if you get a good enough rank in some parts of Single Player, you can unlock more weapons for Multiplayer, some weapons can also be unlocked by reaching some of the 3 endings in the game. It also re-introduces Commander Mode from Battlefield 2.

Reception Edit

The game was often criticized for server issues, and many bugs on the servers include game crashes, and a chance that you may lose all unlocked weapons, and have to get them again.

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