Bleem is a commercial PlayStation 1 emulator released for the PC.


The software was coded by Randy Lichen. and it was released in May 1999, and it also had some features such as Hardware acceleration, which allows the PlayStation games to look pretty good on some graphics cards such as Voodoo and 3dfx. However, Bleem had some issues, such as some games having issues running on Bleem, and due to the program's real mode coding, it could only be run on Windows 9x systems. There were also downloadable versions of Bleem, although Bleem requires the Bleem CD in order to be run.

Sony's response Edit

2 days after the software was starting pre-orders, Sony ordered a Cease and desist. And Sony also filed a long lawsuit, although despite Sony's response, Bleem was still on store shelfs.

Bleemcast Edit

Bleemcast (formerly known as Bleem for Dreamcast), were Bleem remakes of PlayStation games, on the Dreamcast. here's a list of some of the remade games:

Retirement Edit

evenually, Bleem retired in 2001, mostly due to lawsuit costs with Sony, along with Retailers no longer carrying out Bleem's games due to Sony convincing retailers that they will no longer carry their games there if they support Bleem. evenually, Sony hired Randy lichen to Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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