"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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Bonzi Buddy was software that was intended to be an "internet companion". 

Bonzi Buddy
Release: around 1999 and 2004
Type of software adware/spyware
Third Unknown
Other attributes


Bonzi Buddy is designed to be an "internet companion", and at first run, it'll ask for your name, and after some massages he says, then he'll ask "how do we connect to the internet", and then a prompt will come up, with an options of either "Dial-up" "AOL" or "Always on-line"(LAN internet), after you select an option, he'll take you to his "home" (, which has been down for years). after going through some more massages, then a registration screen shows up, which will want the following:

  • Your first, middle, and last name
  • your address (it has an "address1" and "address2" to fill out)
  • the City you live in
  • State/Providence (it claims it's US and Canada only)
  • ZipPostal
  • your country you live in
  • your E-mail
  • Your gender
  • and your Age

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