Winme (1)

The program for choosing Desktop themes in Windows ME

Desktop themes is an application in Microsoft Windows systems, that has it's own unique themes, first introduced in Windows 95 Plus.

List of ThemesEdit

there are the themes that it came with, including:

  • Baseball (not in Windows 95 plus)
  • Dangerous Creatures
  • Inside your Computer
  • Jungle (not in Windows 95 Plus)
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • More Windows
  • Mystery
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Space (not in Windows 95 Plus)
  • Sports
  • The 60's USA
  • The Golden Era
  • Travel
  • Underwater
  • Windows 98 (or 95 if your using Windows 95)
  • Windows Default (the default theme is deferent in Windows ME though, due to the different look in the GUI)
  • Other... (allows you to look for other themes that is on the OS)

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