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F-1 Championship Season 2000 is a game on the Game Boy Colour.

Gameplay Edit

After the Title Screen, the game will prompt you with which Language you want to use (English, Dutch,French, Spanish and Italian) After selecting a language, the main menu will appear, and you can choose some options.

Championship Edit

After selecting the Option, it gives you a choice of which driver you want to use:

  • M Hakkinen
  • D Coulthard
  • J Villeneuve
  • M Gene
  • P De La Rosa
  • P Diniz
  • J Alesi
  • G Fisichella
  • R Schumacher
  • E Irvine
  • H-H Frentz EN
  • M Schumacher

After picking your driver, it'll start you out on the first course (Australia March 12). After it tells you what Track you'll go on, it'll tell you the weather of the Qualifying round and the race, the Fuel startgy, and gives you option of which tire you want to use. After a few other screens, the race starts. The car controls much like other racing games, except that when you hit a wall, you spinout every time you tap a wall.

CP Weekend Edit

Quick Race Edit

Restore Edit

Options Edit

The Options menu gives you the following:

  • An option for "Random", "Wet", or "Dry" Weather
  • An option for 4, 8 or 12 laps during a race
  • A Difficulty setting (Easy, Medium, or Hard)
  • An option to turn on or off the Fuel usage
  • An option to turn on or off the Autobrake
  • An option to turn on or off the Traction control
  • An Option to turn on or off the Tire Wear
  • An Option to turn on or off the Damage
  • An Option to turn on or off the Music
  • An Option to turn on or off the Sound Effects

Credits Edit

As the name suggests, it is an option to view the credits.

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