The fifth Gran Turismo game in the series, and the first on the PlayStation 3.

Overview Edit

The gameplay is similar to it's predecessors, but it does have some new features, such as day to nighttime transitions during racing and weather that comes and goes, and improve some features from the other games, such as Photo Travel mode.

New Features Edit

  • Day/Night Transitions during racing
  • Weather during racing
  • Up to 18 cars can race on a track at a time. (unlike the previous games, which only allowed up to 6 cars per race.)
  • Standard cars make their first appearance here, which are cars from Gran Turismo 4, which lack Gran Turismo 5's updates, such as interior view, windshield wipers, etc.
  • Interior views make their first appearance here
  • Downloadable content make their first appearance here
  • Online racing
  • Photo Travel has been improved, and GT5 is the first Gran Turismo game with unlockable places in Photo Travel mode. It also allows the player to walk around the car they want to take a pic of and snap a picture of it, rather than moving the camera around in a "boxed" location like in Gran Turismo 4.

Removed Features Edit

  • B-Spec is no longer playable outside of Gran Turismo Mode.

Update History: Edit

Version Information File Size Release Date
1.01 Day 1 patch, enabled online servers November 24, 2010
1.02 November 27, 2010
1.03 December 6, 2010
1.05 608 MB December 20, 2010
1.06 301 MB Febuary 2, 2011
1.07 47 MB Febuary 24, 2011
1.08 1763 KB
1.09 48 MB
1.10 380 MB
1.11 62 MB
1.12 13 MB
1.13 1149 KB
2.00 1192 MB
2.01 112 MB
2.02 246 MB
2.03 225 MB
2.04 79 MB
2.05 25 MB
2.06 475 MB
2.07 2193 KB
2.08 227 MB
2.09 102 MB

References Edit

Gran Turismo

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