"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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Grass Simulator is a game on Steam that is an FPS that is well known for many reasons.

Gameplay Edit

There are some modes, on the Early access version, there are less modes than the final version.

Classic Mode Edit

Included in both early access and the final product, the gameplay is an FPS, where you can shoot cows, you can choose from 4 weapons, a morning star, a pistol, a 357, and a tommy gun. When you shoot cows, they explode (in early access, they just get bullet holes on them). You can explore the grass and the farm.

Grass mode Edit

You can watch grass grow from the ground. Included in both Early access and the final.

Dubstep ModeEdit

Dubstep music playing while a large cow lavates in the spotlight, along with changing size and the spotlight moving, and the other cows spin. is included in the early access and final versions.

Range Mode Edit

A mode where you can shoot targets. is semi-functional and is in both early access and final game modes.

Online Mode Edit

A mode where you can play online with other people, is only in the final game. Once the mode is accessed, you cant go back to the main menu without exiting the game.

Snowfall mode Edit

A nonfunctional mode intended to be a snow version of the normal gameplay, is only in the final.

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