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See if there are more versions of KPatience, and if there is any further info about KPatience, along with other systems it is on.

KPatience is a Card game collection on Linux Systems, so far, there are 2 versions of it.

Overview (in general) Edit

KPatience is a card game collection that includes many games (some might be exclusive to the older version, however), some of the games, include Klondike (which is solitaire), Spider Solitaire, Mod3, Simple Simon, Spider, and many others. The game also features a hint feature, which helps with giving hints about a move the player can make in the game and a demo feature, which lets the game play itself.

Original Edit

The Original was included on some older Linux systems, and it had games like Solitaire.

Linux systems it was included on Edit

  • Madriva 2007

Newer Edit

The game is much like the original, but with much different diffalt graphics.

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