Kirby's Dream course is a game in the Kirby series, that has gameplay that is like Golf. It is known as "Kirby Bowl" in Japan.

Overview Edit

Kirby's dream course plays like golf, in that the play can launch Kirby in a direction rather than directly controlling Kirby. The goal in each level is to defeat all enemies before getting Kirby into a hole. After all levels of that part are finished, you can battle the boss of that stage.

Special Tee Shot Edit

Special Tee Shot is what Kirby's Dream Course originally was going to be before it got canceled and re-tooled into Kirby's dream course. Special Tee Shot was later made into it's own game on the BS-X. Some leftovers from development from when the game was "Special Tee Shot" are present, such as Test courses 1-4 being from Special Tee Shot, and warp tile graphics from it being in the coding.

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