One of the 3 Zelda games on the Philips CD-i, and one of the 4 non-Nintendo titles of Nintendo franchises on the Philips CD-i.


Link gets bored in Hyrule, it gets revealed by Gowam that Koradai was under attack by the Evil forces of Ganon, it is said that "only Link can defeat Ganon", he says he'll get his stuff, but Gowam says that "his sword is enough". After Link goes with Gowam, Link asks what "those heads" are, Gowam tells Link  that "those are the faces of evil, and he'll have to conquer each."


The gameplay is simiar to Zelda 2: The adventure of Link, except that the controls are mapped different, from Zelda 2, as in, unlike Zelda 2, where Jump is on a different button, in this game, Jump is on the up button, for example, and many elements of this game are different from other Zelda games as well.

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