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The Nintendo DS is a Handheld system released by Nintendo in 2005.

Features Edit

The system is a successor to the Game Boy line, it introduces many new features, such as a main menu before the game, 2 screens (the top one being a normal screen, and the touch screen being the one on the bottom.), more buttons (L and R buttons, along with A, B, Y, and X buttons), a microphone in the centre of the console, a real-time clock, DS Download Play, and many others.

DS Download Play Edit

DS Download Play is a new feature, it allows the player to player Multiplayer with others without the other needing to have the same game, in order to join.

Nintendo DSi Edit

The Nintendo DSi is a model of the Nintendo DS that adds new features such as Flipnote, Nintendo DSi Sound, a web browser, Nintendo DSiware, Nintendo DSi Sound, and much more. Unlike the Original DS/DS lite, there is no GBA Slot on the bottom of the console, which makes some accessories for some DS games unusable (such as the rumble pak for some games, like Metroid Prime:Hunters.)

Nintendo Consoles

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