Outlook Express is an Email program on Windows 95-Windows XP, that shipped with said systems.

Overview Edit

On Windows 95, there was an Email program that shipped with Internet Explorer 3, that was called "Internet Mail and News". Version 2.0 of Internet Mail and News was released at the end of 1996. However, in 1997, the program got changed to "Outlook Express". Outlook Express 4.0 (the first version) shipped with Internet Explorer 4. A beta of Outlook Express 5 had an adoptive and socificicated Spam filtering system, although it was removed in the final version of 5.0. There were many newsgroups and vice versa speculated that the removal was due to it "not stable enough for the mass market". Outlook Express 5 shipped with Internet Explorer 5.

Outlook Express 6 shipped with Internet Explorer 6.

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