"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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POPStation (also known as POP Station) are a series of bootleg consoles that were modeled after some consoles.

Games Edit

Street Overlord/City Fighter/ Street FighterEdit

Street Overlord (called City fighter in some POPStations and Street Fighter in some others) is a Street Fighter 2 clone that is the most common game to ship with the POPStations. in some versions, you can select either the character on the left or the right. In one version, you can also move along many demtional planes.

POPStation Models Edit

"PSP" model (Game and Radio) Edit

Much like the original model of the POPStation, it was modeled after the PlayStation Portable. Unlike most POPStations, this one doesn't use the usual gimmicks of most POPStations, (games shipping with screens, and some games, such as City Fighter, being included) It rather includes one game, and a radio feature.

X-changeable LCD Game Pack Edit

The X-changeable LCD Game Pack is a POPStation system that was modeled after the original Xbox. The games that are with the System are City Fighter, Space Guardian, Soccer champion, Motorbike Race and Submarine invasion.

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