Pilotwings Resort is a game in the Pilotwings series, and the first to be released on a handheld (the 3DS).

Gameplay Edit

Much like older titles, there is a mission mode and a free flight mode. The game also features dioramas, which you can get by getting enough Mii trophys in Free Flight.

Mission mode Edit

Mission Mode is much like the older Pilotwings games, where you complete certain objectives to try to get a certain rank, in order to get your pilot's licence.

Free Flight mode Edit

The gameplay is similar to It's predecessor in Wii Sports Resort, where both feature flying over Whuh Island, with a time limit, and they feature the "i" icons for special locations on the island. Although some additions here is that you can not only use a plane, but a Rocket Belt, Glider, Turbo jet (unlockable), and pedal glider (unlockable).

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