Revolutions Pack 9 (also known as RP9) is a program for Windows 98 that gives it features from the later Windows systems.


Here is a list of features it has:

  • Close program has been given more features, such as showing you how much memory your OS currently has.
  • On the start menu, there is a program called "RPconfig" which has the following things:
    • Gives the user some options for the wallpaper, wheter they want it tiled, or not for example.
    • An option to use the Icon appearinces from:
    • The option to use Window appearinces from:
      • The normal OS
      • a theme labeled "Black Mesa"
      • Royale from Windows XP
      • The Windows XP normal window design
      • Watercolour EB (looks like the whisler beta's windows)
      • Windows 7's Window design
    • An option to use ClearType fonts
    • Options to use the animation effects from Windows 2000 and later.
    • an option to disable rebooting from pushing Ctrl+Alt+Del twice
    • an option to not limit taskbar icon size
    • an option to not replace normal shell font with tohoma
    • an option to not use natural file sharing

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