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There was also a PC version of Safari, and it also passed many of the acid tests, and vice versa.

Safari is a Web Browser on both Windows and Apple systems.

Mobile version Edit

On the iOS operating System, one of the features on there is Safari. Safari has some features by default, such as Bookmarking pages, MDI-style browsing up to 8-9 pages (increased up to 36 pages in iOS 7) at the same time at once, saving an image by holding down on an image for 3 seconds, and support for HTML 5. It was introduced in IPhone OS version 1.0.

Update history Edit

Version Information
 1.0 first Introduced in IPhone OS
1.0.1 Security Update
1.2/2.0 New Embeeded YouTube Support
2.0.1 Proformence while fliping to Landscape mode has been improved
2.1/2.1.1 Proformence improvements, partically with scrolling up/down on a web page

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