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The Sega Genesis, (also known as the Sega Mega Drive in Japan and Europe) is a 16-bit System released back in 1991.


Models Edit

Model 1 Edit

Model 2 Edit

Model 3 Edit

Sega CDX Edit

The Sega Genesis CDX is a model of the Sega Genesis that is a combination of the Sega CD
Shapeimage 9

The Genesis CDX box

and the normal Genesis. The CDX can also function as a portable CD player, you can only play Sega CD games when it is plugged into the TV.

Sega Nomad Edit

The Sega Nomad was a Handheld Genesis released a few months after the Sega Saturn came out. This handheld console only had an American release. It ran on 6 AA batteries, Had a small screen, a low battery light, a power button, a cartridge slot on the top, a controller port on the bottom, and had 6 buttons plus Start and Mode. Due to the design of the console, it's not possible to play Sega CD or Sega 32X games on it. The battery in the Nomad allows up to 2-3 Hours of gameplay. It's not possible to beat X-Men on the Nomad due to the Nomad lacking a reset button, and X-Men has a level in the game that requires the player to "reset the computer". (the computer referring to the console)

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