SimCty Build It (spelled as "SimCity Buildit in the logo) is an app that is loosely based off SimCity (2013).

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is very different and kinda limited compared to other games of the series. The graphics and animations are very much like SimCity 5. Unlike the older games, there is no way to pause SimCity Build it without leaving the app, also, there is no time options (or any time based-event so far), also, there's an unskippable event at the beginning at the beginning of the game, and the only thing you can place in your city at the beginning are roads. The game has 2 kinds of currency, Simoleons (the franchices typical currency) and SimCash, the game also features micro-transactions for both currencies listed here: Simoleons:

  • 900 Simoleons for 30 SimCash
  • 9600 Simoleons for 300 SimCash
  • 34000 Simoleons for 1000 SimCash
  • 64800 Simoleons for 1800 SimCash
  • 114000 Simoleons for 3000 SimCash
  • 240000 Simoleons for 6000 SimCash


  • 250 SimCash for $4.99
  • 550 SimCash for $9.99
  • 1300 SimCash for $19.99
  • 2625 SimCash for $34.99
  • 4000 SimCash for $49.99
  • 8500 SimCash for $99.99

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