"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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Sonic 1 Beta (Hoax) is a Sonic rom hack of Sonic 1, that was meant to be a hoax of a "Sonic 1 Beta".

Gameplay Edit

The game is Sonic the Hedgehog, but made into a "beta" form, it contains the following differences.

  • The Sega Logo has no "Sega" chant.
  • There are no title cards used for any Zone
  • Sonic is coloured much RED than he was in the normal Sonic 1.
  • Scrap Brain Zone is called "Clock Zone"
  • Spring Yard Zone is called "SparklingYARG Zone"
  • Green Hill Zone takes place at night, rather than in the day.
  • Green Hill Zone's music is different.
  • Final Zone has 2 acts, plus,another one called "The Final Fight"
  • When the game tries to load the demo for Marble Zone, the game crashes, due to Marble Zone not existing in the coding.
  • If the player sits on the stage select for too long, the game freezes.

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