"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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This Subpage is for unused Content for Sonic Adventure 2.

Remnants of the scrapped Online Mode Edit

There are many Remnants of what seems to be a scrapped online mode for the game.

World Ranking System Edit

There are some remnants of a World Ranking system in the game disc. It was in Sonic Adventure, but it was left out of this game. The following text could be found in Advertise.prs. advsng_3.adx refers to the regular menu music which would have been used here also.

  • worldRankingExec
  • advsng_3.adx
  • emblemResultExec
  • emblemResult
  • dialup_icon0
  • dl_event_batu
  • emblem256
  • emblem_moji0
  • emblem_sheet
  • emblem_stagename_add
  • emblem_title
  • emb_charawindow_all
  • stg_stagename
  • wrank_jyuni_window
  • wrank_penmaru
  • wrank_title
  • wr_flag
  • wr_moji0
  • wr_rankbtn_add
  • wr_rankbtn_e wr_rankbtn_j
  • wr_rankmode_e
  • wr_rankmode_e2
  • wr_rankmode_j
  • wr_rankmode_j2
  • wr_rankplate_big512
  • wr_suuji0
  • wr_windows
  • w_ranking_bg0
  • w_ranking_bg1
  • w_ranking_bg2
  • w_ranking_bg3
  • w_ranking_bg4
  • w_ranking_bg5
  • w_ranking_bg6
  • w_ranking_bg7
  • advsng_3.adx

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