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Sonic Drift was the first Racing game in the Sonic series, however, this game was originally only released in Japan. The game features 4 drivers you can play as, Sonic, Amy (From Sonic CD), Tails and Dr Eggman.


The game has some modes, Chaos GP mode, a free run mode, a Versus mode, and an Option Mode.

Chaos GP Mode Edit

You have 3 options to pick from, Green, Yellow and Red, and you race against other Racers.

Free run mode Edit

Free run mode, is your typical "Free Run" mode as in most Racing games, you can pick the course, Driver, and then you're set.

Versus Mode Edit

In most cases, it's usually blanked out, but this might function as a Multiplayer, Via Link cable.

Option Mode Edit

In this mode, there are 2 things you can do, "sound" functions as a "Sound Test" for listening to music from the game, and "level" is selecting the level of difficulty for the game.

Trivia Edit

  • There was also an unoffical port to the Master System as well.

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