The first Sonic Game in the series, and the game that helped the Genesis's popularity grow.

Overview Edit

The gameplay is that you play as Sonic, to defeat Dr Eggman (known as Dr Robotnik internationally) and free the animals from being inside the robotniks, you defeat them by jump on them, underneath them, and rolling into them (some versions have the spindash).

Zones Edit

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Marble Garden Zone
  • Spring Yard Zone
  • Labryinth Zone
  • Star Light Zone
  • Scrap Brain Zone
  • Final Zone.

Versions of the game Edit

There was many versions, there was the original 1.0 version and a 1.1 version, that added some more graphics to some zones, and changed the level select to reflect the game's current level design, and a 1.2 version that fixed the infamous "Double Hit Spike bug", where if Sonic hits one group of spikes and lands in another, he'll die after getting hit the 2nd time.

GBA Version Edit

There was a version for the GBA, that was made to celebrate Sonic's 15th anniversary, but the GBA version was criticized by many for messed up physics, it's "GBA-quality" Music, messed up controls, and tons of glitches in gameplay.


  • This is one of the few Sonic games where, it has something set up in case of a crash, in Sonic 1's case, it's sometimes when the game crashes, an error code will come on the screen.

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