"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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A sonic game famous for bringing back some of the gameplay of the older Sonic games.


The gameplay is similar to the older titles, except that the difference is that the homing attack from the modern games is present in this game, and that the game allows you to pick which stage you want to enter rather than going in a preset order. The game is also famous for the game having zones based on classic Sonic zones, but with some new gimmicks. Such as Splash Hill Zone is based off Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 and Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2.

Physics Edit

The game is famous for having different physics than the older games, such as when Sonic is launched into the air from rolling/spin dashing, he unfolds into an open pose (which if he touches an enemy while in this pose, he can get damaged), and Sonic can walk up slopes similar to some of the 3D Sonic games. If the player lets go of the D-pad, Sonic will stop dead in his tracks, even in mid-air.

Zones Edit

  • Splash Hill Zone
  • Street Casino Zone
  • Lost Labyrinth Zone
  • Mad Gear Zone
  • Death Egg

Reception Edit

It had very mixed reception, some people have praised it for the graphics, and for being a Sonic game that plays similar to the Genesis games. While some others have criticized it for the physics, the reused themes in many of the levels, and much more.

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