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The second episode of Sonic 4, and brings back Tails, and the Sonic 2 Special stages.


as mentioned above, many features from Sonic 2 do return, such as Tails, the gameplay is similar to Sonic 2. The game also fixed some of the physics oddities from Episode 1, such as Sonic uncurling out of his ball when launched into the air with rolling/spin dash. If you have Episode 1 installed as well, you can play episode Metal. Which has 4 levels to go through.

Zones Edit

  • Sylana Castle Zone
  • White Park Zone
  • Oil Desert
  • Sky Fortress Zone
  • Death Egg Mark 2

Reception Edit

Much like Episode 1, it had very mixed Reception. It was complemented for including Tails, and the team power ability from Sonic Heroes returning. Although it was criticized for the music, and for it's use of springs and speed boosters. Along with it's ending, which didn't explain much about what happened after Eggman got defeated in the Death Egg Mark 2.

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