This is a computer game demo that was launched around January in the year 2012 and by 2015 about 2000 people had downloaded and was able to manually install it after the installer only gives just the main menu game folder.

== Introduction== Edit

In this game its part of the star control Series which features a epic war (2095 to 2134) and its aftermath (2155 to 2160) and then the post war period after that around the 2165 to 2169 period just prior to the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah victory. The whole back story revoles around the year 2015 as a reffence point different bewteen the real world cause due to a 2015 event being predicted that did not come true such as the nuclear bombardment of Isreal and Syria by Iran in the Even known as the Small war of 2015. a Event which killed only the few million number of peoples that lived in Syria and Isreal and posibily what is known The palistien territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip) as well. due to this event not happening the time line predicted in the star control series will begin to divergerge dramitically from the real life version.

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