"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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Worlds 9-D Edit

In the normal game, Worlds 9-D are unreachable normally, however, using a game genie, can allow the player to play the levels.

Level: playiablity
9-1 Plays normally, but messed up in some parts of the level
9-2 plays normally
9-3 Plays normally, but the level is unfinishable due to poor coding with the flag pole at the end of the level. also the level has a black sky instead of the blue sky from the original game.
9-4 plays normally, but flag pole is broken, thus the level can't be finished.
A-1 Plays normally
A-2 Plays normally, but has the overworld theme play in the underground part, instead of the normal underground theme, also after entering the pipe, you enter coin heaven, and then it drops you to a part of A-1
A-3 Plays normally
A-4 Plays normally, but the boss battle is in the near end of the stage, and you can see a toad near the lava. if the player touches the axe, the level will finish, but mario will walk past  the end of the screen.
B-1 (refered to as C-1 in game) Plays normally, but Flagpole is broken.
B-2 (refered to as C-2 in game) Similar to A-2, but drops you to B-1 after the coin heaven, also, Flag pole at the end is broken.
B-3 plays normally, but Flag pole is broken
B-4 plays normally, but puts bowser in the middle of the level, and the toad in the wrong place, and after touching the axe, mario then walks off the screen.
C-1 plays normally, but Flag pole is broken
C-2 plays normally, but Flag pole is broken
C-3 plays normally, but mostly unbeatable due to some unmakeable jumps, and the level is mostly empty.
C-4 bowser is misplaced, and so the Toad, and if the player touches the axe, mario will walk to the end of the screen.

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