Supra Mayro Bross (full title: Supra Mayro Bross: Legend to the lost Kingdom) is a game on Newgrounds, where you control "Mayro" through the level.

Gameplay Edit

The game, so far has only 1 level, and the level is split into 3 parts, the first is a outside part, with grass, a pipe, and some some platfroms. The next is some more platforming, in an underground area, the 3rd part is a boss battle.

Gltiches Edit

  • The Screen doesn't scroll properly, usually if Mayro is in the middle of the screen, it'll usually scroll as normal, but sometimes, Mayro can get stuck in walls, get hit by a random off-screen enimy, or sometimes Mayro will end up "beyond the level", to where the only option is to reset.
  • When Mayro dies, the music starts up again, but without halting the current music that is playing, meaning that the music will be playing as normal, but once Mayro ends up dying in ways such as touching an enemy or falling into a pit, he'll be reset, but the same music will start, and overlap the current music playing.

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