A Tetris game for mobile devices that was made by EA.

Overview Edit

There are 4 modes to choose from, One Touch Marathon, Marathon, Galaxy, and Blitz. 

Marathon/One Touch Marathon  Edit

In this mode, the game plays similar to the other Tetris titles, where you try to get as much in clears as you can, the only real difference between Marathon and One Touch Marathon is that in One Touch marathon, you can a highlighted spot where the peace goes, where in the normal marathon game, it plays much like other titles.

Galaxy Edit

This mode has level progression, and the goal in the levels here is to clear the rows of blocks, by getting the blocks into the spaces to clear the preset blocks, unlike most Level progression systems, in this game, you have to perchice the next area using coins that you get for clearing lines, levels progress normally otherwise. When you beat a level, a massage appears on the screen asking if you want to share it on Facebook. (you can also log into Facebook on the main menu, along with an option of logging into Origin)

List of levels: Edit

  • Totorius 1
    1. Selectia
    2. Cascadia
    3. Cometion
    4. Shatterion
    5. Bestfition
  • Quadrix
    1. Karray 1
    2. Karray 2
    3. Karray 3
    4. Skwar 1
    5. Skwar 2
    6. Skwar 3
    7. Kwadrat 1
    8. Kwadrat 2
    9. Kwadrat 3
    10. Kwadrat 4
    11. Boksi 1
    12. Boksi 2
    13. Boksi 3
    14. Boksi Majora
    15. Boksi Ultima


In this mode, if the player doesn't have the app, it takes the user to a web browser and then redirects the user to the app store to get Tetris Blitz. If the player already has the app, tapping the icon will take them to the Tetris Blitz app.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

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