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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is a Zelda game on the N64, and was famous for many of it's elements in the game, including the 3-day system.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is similar to it's predecessor Ocarina of Time, in how the gameplay is set up, however, some new features in the game, include that the masks play a big role in the gameplay, the masks have magical abilities, and the game features 4 transformation masks, (one of them, the Fierce Deity Mask, can't be used outside of Boss battles without a cheat/glitch). The game also features a 3-day system, which plays a big role in most of the game's subquests (such as the Anju and Kefei side-quest for example). If the clock is down to the last 6 hours of the final day, the music will change, into a track that will play, no matter where you are (unless you are fighting a boss), and the clock on the bottom will change a bit from the "Sundial clock" to the same clock, but will have a timer on the bottom, letting you know how much time you have left.

If all 3 days are up, the Moon will fall, and destroy termina, which after the scene, Link will wake up in the clock tower with the Happy Salesman man, and his previous progress won't be saved.

3DS Version Edit

Much like with Ocarina of Time, there was a remake of Majora's Mask, with some bug fixes, a few new features, and Updated Graphics.

Trivia Edit

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