"That's it? That was all that was in the game?! What a rip off!"

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The first Sims game in the franchice.


The gameplay is that you control Sims with a point and click gameplay, when you click on an object, it will usually give you a list of actions a Sim can do with that object, after you click an action, a Sim will go and do that action. Sims also have some important needs that the player will have to keep an eye on:

  • Hunger: The most important one to keep an eye on, if a Sim doesn't eat before the meter expires fully, then that Sim will die of Starvation.
  • Bladder: As the name implies, it's a bladder need, if a Sim doesn't use the bathroom before the meter expires fully on it, then that Sim will wet the floor, and drop their hygiene need to zero.
  • Energy: the second most important need, if a Sim doesn't drink coffee/get enough sleep before the meter expires, then the Sim will fall asleep in the place on the lot where they are, if they do this in a pool, they die of drowning.
  • Room (called environment in later games): As the name implies, if the room doesn't look appealing enough to a sim, the need will have a big effect on a Sim's mood.
  • Comfort: A Need where Sims need to sit somewhere comfy, if this need isn't fulfilled, that Sim will complain to the player that they are feeling physically unconformable.
  • Social: A need where the player will have to chat with other sims in any way, such as over the phone, in person, etc... if this need isn't fulfilled, the sim will complain that they are feeling lonely to the player.
  • Fun: A need where the Sims will want to have Fun. If this need isn't fulfilled. then that Sims will complain to the player about it.

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