The Virtual Boy (initially known as the VR-32) was a 32 bit fifth generation video game console. It was intended to be a portable virtual reality console.


The console takes the form of a large set of goggles. Users would look through the eyepiece and see the game through them. The display was unfortunately only capable of displaying red and black, unlike other game systems at the time which could display in full colour.


There were several problems with the console. First is that it was almost impossible to steady the console to play comfortably. The console was also quick to cause eye strain and headaches, within only a few minutes of gameplay. The graphics were also quite primitive compared to other consoles, despite the 3D.


The Virtual Boy was ultimately a commercial failure, and thus it was cancelled in 1996, with only 26 games ever developed for it. It only ever sold 770,000 units. It is commonly regarded as the worst Nintendo system of all time.

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