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Windows XP (codenamed Whistler) is an operating system released by Microsoft on October 25, 2001.


Windows XP does introduce some new features, such as a redesigned Start Menu, and some other new features. It also had a new logo and colour scheme, with a red X rather than the minimize, Maximize and Close buttons being the same colour.

New features Edit

  • New Start Menu

Removed FeaturesEdit

  • The themes from Desktop Themes for Windows 95 up to Windows ME were removed.
  • WebTV for Windows was Removed.
  • 3D Maze Screensaver and Channel Screensaver were removed.
  • Windows Deluxe CD Player was not present in Windows XP, and was replaced with Windows Media Player.
  • Imaging for Windows was removed
  • Windows DVD Player was removed and replaced with Windows Media Player.
  • Drivespace was removed and replaced with native NTFS compression.
  • Support for non-Plug and Play Network adapters was removed.
  • Phone Dialer was removed (although it was present in the Whisler betas)
  • Scandisk was removed due to lack of support for NTFS drives.

Reception Edit

It was complemented for the introduction of certain features, and some other stuff. Although it was criticized for removing many well-loved features of the windows line, and criticized for lack of proper security, many viruses managed to attack many XP systems at many different times.

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