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Find out about Xbox live accounts under Gold and it's limitations, And Xbox Live had more critisms than those listed, also, there's a ton more information

Xbox Live, is a Service on the Xbox platforms, along with Windows 8 and later.

Main Overview Edit

It's the main network/service of the Xbox, much like PlayStation Network on the PlayStation Systems. Xbox Live has been around as long as the Xbox 360. With Xbox Live, you'll have to make an account, along with a gamertag, or else what you can do on the Xbox is limited. There are 3 types of Xbox live accounts.

  • Xbox Live Free: not much is known about it as of now.
  • Xbox Live Silver: not much is known about it as of now
  • Xbox Live Gold:The Best deal, you'll unlock all features on your Xbox (if done on Xbox 1), and is required in order to be able to play online Multiplayer.

Reputation system Edit

Another feature of Xbox Live, was the new "reputation" system, which was on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 1. On the 360, if you're not active online that much, you don't much benefits online. However, the Xbox 1 version has many new stuff added to it. Including a meter letting you know about your reputation. here's the overview for it:

  • Green: The best one, gives you all kinds of benefits, and rewards in the future. This tier is known as Good Players.
  • Yellow: If a player is reported for bad behaviour in online gameplay, they'll fall under this category. What this means, is that the player will receive notifications about their behaviour, suggesting that said player may have to "clean up their behaviour". This Tier is known as Needs Work.
  • Orange: unknown at the moment
  • Red: The worst one, if you get this, then, you'll have reduced matchmaking/online pairings, and some features, like Twitch, will be disabled. This Tier is known as Avoid Me.

Criticisms Edit

Xbox 1 Features locked behind Xbox Live GoldEdit

At the launch of the Xbox 1, most features on the Xbox 1, were locked behind Xbox Live gold (which was $50 a month), some of the features locked included Skype, NFL, Netflix, etc... Later on though, Microsoft's response to this criticism, is that they then toke some applications out of the paygate.

Bans for cussing on Xbox Live, Upload Studio and Skype Edit

According to the Xbox Live code of conduct, Cussing doesn't seem to be allowed. Although this got some backlash from many people, who got banned for cussing on Upload Studio, Skype, and Xbox Live. It also brought up rumours that Microsoft is monitoring Xbox 1 usage, which was a criticism of the console at launch.

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