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Xbox 1, (also known as "Xbox 720", "Xbox 180", and "Xbone") is a Console in the current gen of gaming.

Hardware Edit

The hardware is much like the Xbox 360's, but kinda improved, as the system (as it is) has similar graphics.

Operating System Edit

The Xbox One's Operating was based on Windows 8. Later versions of the Xbox One based it on Windows 10.

Xbox Live Edit

Much like the Xbox 360, the system can connect to Xbox Live,where you can play with friends and vice versa. Xbox Live has been criticized on the system for a few reasons, Including that most features on the system (including features not owned by Microsoft, such as Netflix) require Xbox Live Gold, however, in response to this, Microsoft decided to remove the requirement for some software, but others were still under the paygate.

Reputation system Edit

Another feature of Xbox Live on the Xbox 1, was the new "reputation" system, which was preciously on the Xbox 360, where on the 360, if you're not active online that much, you don't much benefits online. However, the Xbox 1 has many new stuff added to it's, including a meter letting you know about your reputation. where's the overview for it:

  • Green: The best one, gives you all kinds of benefits, and rewards in the future. This tier is known as Good Players.
  • Yellow: If a player is reported for bad behaviour in online gameplay, they'll fall under this category. What this means, is that the player will receive notifications about their behaviour, suggesting that said player may have to "clean up their behaviour". This Tier is known as Needs Work.
  • Orange: unknown at the moment
  • Red: The worst one, if you get this, then, you'll have reduced matchmaking/online pairings, and some features, like Twitch, will be disabled. This Tier is known as Avoid Me.

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