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YouTube is a Video website where users can upload content.

Overview Edit

YouTube is a site where users can upload, share and vice versa their content. YouTube used to use Flash Player for the videos on the site, but because of the malicious exploits, and how long it takes for those exploits to get fixed, YouTube made their own Player for the site instead.

Criticism Edit

There were many things YouTube was criticized for.

Layout changes/Removed features Edit

There have been times where YouTube changed their layout. It got backlash mainly for removing features such as customization backgrounds on YouTube channels.

Google+ Integration Edit

In 2013, along with other Google apps, YouTube was integrated to Utilize Google+. However, a feature that was removed (and later returned) was the ability to make your own account on YouTube without having Google+, and all previous YouTube accounts, unless a Google+ Account was made, it would be unable to do much.

Copyright system Edit

YouTube was often Criticized for it's copyright system, as some users on the site and companies like Viacom, and Fox would flag videos that would fall under fair use. In 2013, when YouTube got a copyright content bot, it false flagged a ton of videos, which got complaints from many users. In late 2015, YouTube introduced the "Fair-Use Protection system", which would protect videos that would fall under fair use.

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